TWU Staff

EVELIN URRUTIA, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOREvelin first joined Tenants and Workers United as a member of its youth program. She later became the lead youth organizer. Through the efforts of her cohort of young leaders, Alexandria City HS hired a bilingual counselor for the student body and implemented Individual Career and Academic Plans to help all students in Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS) be college ready. She also piloted the Community Organizing and Education for Democracy (COED) program. COED graduates are currently enrolled in college, traveling the world and looking for ways to contribute to their community through their education and career. After 12 years as the lead organizer for TWU youth, in 2016 she became the Executive Director of TWU. As a member of the directly impacted community TWU serves, Evelin fully understands the people she works with and the issues facing low-income immigrant communities of color in Northern Virginia. Evelin lives in Prince William County, has two sons and a daughter, and studied Business Management at Northern Virginia Community College. [email protected]


INGRIS MORAN, LEAD ORGANIZERIngris joined the Tenants and Workers United youth group when she was a high school freshman. In 2007-2008, she worked with New Virginia Majority to coordinate teams of canvassers that encouraged local residents to vote. She believes in the values of the organizations and jumps into the work wholeheartedly. In 2012, she graduated from Northern Virginia Community College. In 2015, she earned a B.A. in sociology from Virginia Commonwealth University. She understands community organizing and the value of leadership development. She enjoys organizing youth and adults to win policy changes in our schools and our City of Alexandria. [email protected]


MIA TAYLOR, DEVELOPMENT LEADMia is a former ESL teacher who became an organizer to combat the inequities and injustices her students and their families faced. In 2016, she began organizing with TWU in Alexandria City and Woodbridge, focusing on education justice, Driver’s Licenses for All, and ending local collaboration with ICE. Today, Mia does research and development, working on campaign research, grant writing, fundraising, and other behind-the-scenes support. [email protected]


GLANCY ROSALES, COMMUNITY ORGANIZERGlancy joined TWU as a high school youth member over 10 years ago and has been actively engaged in our mission of building power ever since. She has her bachelor's in sociology from George Mason University, and a strong background in community organizing, event coordination, and volunteerism. Glancy brings her skills to the TWU team as a Service Navigator where she helps Fairfax County residents navigate various services and supports available to them during this devastating COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath. [email protected]


ALICIA PARDO, COMMUNITY ORGANIZERAlicia was a community organizer with TWU for five years before switching to a long and fulfilling career as a case manager at the Bailey’s Crossroads Community Shelter where she helped homeless adults secure safe housing, search for jobs, and develop work skills. Her dedication to helping people and empowering communities to fight for change has brought her back to TWU where she is organizing communities primarily in Woodbridge around issues of education and immigration justice. [email protected]



EQUAL JUSTICE WORKS FELLOW, HOUSING JUSTICE PROGRAMMarianela was a teacher for over 10 years before joining TWU as an organizer. She has her bachelor's in Math and Education from the University of El Salvador, and a certificate in Early Childhood Education from NOVA. She has a passion for creative arts, specifically theater, poetry, and plastic arts. Community organizing allows her to combine her passions for education and art, working to build people power and advance social justice for our community. [email protected]


SINDY CARBALLO GARCIA, YOUTH ORGANIZERSindy is a 2020 graduate from Alexandria City High School and a longtime TWU youth leader. She is currently a student at NOVA Community College where she is pursuing a career in special education. For the past 3 years, she has worked on housing and immigration justice and been a leader in our education justice campaigns in Alexandria City. Now, as a youth organizer, she channels her passion for youth engagement and social justice to continue ensuring that young people lead this work and have their voices heard as we advance education equity in Alexandria City and across Northern Virginia. [email protected]org


ELSA RIVEROS, COMMUNITY ORGANIZERElsa got her bachelor’s degree in political science and began working for the Tenants and Workers Support Committee, known today as Tenants and Workers United. She organized the Latino community in Chirilagua around a powerful coalition of churches, unions, and Alexandria community members for the Living Wage campaign, which ultimately won a Fair Wage Ordinance in the city. She helped organize Latina childcare providers, securing positive changes to their working conditions. She organized businesses to fight against the redevelopment and destruction of Chirilagua, and she co-managed funding for local events, such as the Festival of Chirilagua. She played a part in securing a permanent building for TWU, which today holds our offices and community center. She has served as TWU Board president and has recently returned to work with our community to continue her legacy of grassroots work for social, racial, and economic justice. [email protected]


NATHALY ZELAYA, COMMUNITY ORGANIZERNathaly immigrated from El Salvador just 6 years ago. In 2021, she graduated from Crossland High School in Maryland and is currently pursuing a bachelor's in elementary education at Prince George Community College. Through working at TWU, she hopes to learn more about the community's needs and be able to help people meet while simultaneously organizing for systemic changes. [email protected]


Valeria was born and raised in Prince George County, MD. She is the daughter of Mexican immigrants, and she currently lives in Hyattsville, MD. She recently graduated from Marymount University with a degree in communications and a minor in marketing. Her favorite things to do are trying out new places to eat and spending quality time with her friends. She loves her two amazing dogs, Dexter and Junior, and hopes to travel a lot in the future. She is passionate about the work that TWU does with immigrant communities, and she wants to utilize social media as a tool for elevating the voices of those most impacted by injustice and those on the forefronts of the fight for racial equity. For questions about communications or social media, please email [email protected].


Deb was born in Alexandria, VA, the daughter of two immigrants from Ethiopia. Her family later moved to Woodbridge where she graduated from Woodbridge Senior High School. She is a first-generation college graduate who recently earned her bachelor's in communications with a minor in social justice from George Mason University. She enjoys hiking and spending time in nature. She is passionate about advancing social justice for immigrant communities of color and utilizing communications to elevate the powerful stories of TWU members and TWU's community-led work. For questions about communications or social media, please email [email protected].

TWU Board of Directors

Ana Diaz - President (2020-present)
Former TWU youth leader, lifelong Alexandria City community member, Administrative Assistant for the National Immigration Law Center

LaDonna Sanders - Vice President (2018-present)
Social Worker for Fairfax County Government, N.A.A.C.P. member

Ingrid Pavon - Secretary and Youth Representative (2022-present)
TWU Youth Leader

Jon Liss - Treasurer (2013-present)
Co-Executive Director of New Virginia Majority, co-founder of Tenants and Workers United

Joel Martinez - Community Representative (2019-present)
Self-employed business owner, longtime resident of Woodbridge, VA


Amilcar Benitez - Community Representative (2022-present)
TWU Community Leader in south Fairfax County

Evelin Urrutia (2017-present)
Executive Director of Tenants and Workers United