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Tenants and Workers United


Project Updates

Taxi Drivers hold a rally in Arlington

On May 1, 2014 hundreds of cab drivers flooded Arlington County offices demanding fair regulation of the county’s cab industry. Driver have been meeting with the county for four years to amend the cab code. Despite having complied with each request including creating a draft policy and multiple meetings with county staff, administrators and elected officials, drivers still work in substandard conditions. Each driver invests about $40,000 in their cab business but they can be fired at anytime without reason. Drivers committed to ongoing public action until the county makes good on their promise to create and implement a fair taxi code.

Member Spotlight

Youth organizers speak out

Youth leaders are at the heart of our work. They inspired the four year campaign to implement programs at Alexandria City Public Schools to close the achievement gap, are active in the fight for immigrant rights and the impetus behind new programs at ACPS to implement restorative justice at the high school. Margie Obeng (pictured above) was a member of our youth project and academic support programming. Through her time with us, she engaged in all aspects of our work. Margie represented TWU at national actions and local events.