Based in Alexandria, Virginia, Tenants and Workers United (TWU) is the largest member-based, low-income community organization in Northern Virginia.  It is one of a small number of social change organizations comprised of multi-national immigrants and African Americans in the South.  Our mission, developed over 23 years, is to build the power of low-income people – multi-national immigrants, African Americans, women, low-wage workers, and youths – in Northern Virginia, to struggle against racism and sexism, to develop multi-racial leadership for social and economic justice, and to democratically control or own community resources including housing, education and health care.

We run projects and campaigns in the following areas: 

Education: We are Alexandria students and parents fighting to close the achievement gap for students of color in Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS) and to ensure that all students graduate prepared to go to college.

Healthcare: We are working people-childcare providers, independent contractors, etc, families, and retired people. We believe that health is a right, not a privilege. Funding for public healthcare clinics must be a priority to ensure that Alexandria is a healthy community for everyone.

Immigration: We are community members and people of faith from throughout the Northern Virginia region united in the belief that harsh Immigration and Customs Enforcement Raids (ICE Raids) must stop and that government must pass just and human immigration reform.

Worker Justice: We are day laborers and workers who work all over Northern Virginia. We organize  to educate ourselves, recover unpaid wages, and to win fair pay and treatment for all workers.