The Arlandria Community Center opened in December 2004 after a three year campaign led by youth and adults of the the Arlandria community-parents and youth, and over $100,000 in small donations made by TWU membership. In addition, contributions from the City of Alexandria, the Meyer Foundation, Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation, U.S. Representative James Moran, and BB&T Bank helped make the Center possible. Alexandria United Teens painted murals on the walls to celebrate the growing diversity of Northern Virginia and volunteers from Saint Mary's created a Library for Social Change.

The Arlandria Community Center houses a multi-use community room, a teen activity room, a technology center, the offices of the TWU, and non-profit and commercial rental offices. This a place for community groups, unions, people of faith and our members to come work, socialize and struggle together. Over the years, weddings have been held, campaigns hatched, and victories celebrated in the community room. And, the legacy continues. Today, TWU staff and members conduct leadership training institutes, volunteer teachers provide English, literacy and computer classes, local medical service providers offers critical services such as vision testing, cholesterol and HIV screening at a bi-monthly clinics.